DY-01 Crayon & Oil Pastel Labeling Machine

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Oil Pastel Crayon Label Machine


- Application : Wax Crayon, Oil pastel
- Shape of Crayon : Circle, hexagon, triangle, square
- Kind of label paper : One side art paper (One side coated paper)
- Crayon sizes : Diameter : 8-16 mm / Length : 60-140 mm
- Capacity : 7200-10.000 Pcs/hr
- Voltage : 220V~380
- Motor for machine start-up : Speed convertible type (Feeding speed)3P 0.75kw 60-50/hz
- Delivery : 35 days
- Machine size : L: 2200 W: 630 H: 1420 (Unit: mm)
- Net Weight : Approx' 500kg
- Gross Weight : 650kg
- Label method : Pasting on both side (Using harmless paste to human body).
- Manufacturing know-how on paste to be supplied.
- Guarantee : 24 months (After sales service free of charge during guarantee period only)

Product Features

- If do labeling by our machine , Crayon surface becomes production by best relationship product.
- crayon label Machine offers clean and high quality Labeling without any contamination t to crayon.
- The label is made up strongly so that it won't be scraped off since it is pasted on both side.
- The crayon label machine is strong and it maintains precise labeling.
- The crayon label machine is manufactured so precisely that it offers handy operation.
- There would not be any minor trouble during operation and it's function is well maintained
  for 15 years.
- With light chrome plating on important parts the crayon label machine is maintained
   as good as new all along.
- Since the metal requiring no oil is used for important parts the crayon label machine won't be
   harmed although no oil is applied.
- Since the Crayon label machine structure is based on chain gear there will be no
   transformation in shape.
- You shall earn a lot of money by our machine.
- You can produce products each hour than other machines when you make use of our machine,
   Our machine can run continuously all the day without a failure.
- You may be satisfied with our machine all the time when watching good operation.
- Our machine runs well without a failure and has been made robustly and durably.
- We hope to establish good business relation with you.

Technology & Certification

- ISO 9001
- EN 46002

Countries Exported To

- Mexico.USA.Taiwan,China(Guangzhou, Kunshan,Tae Jin,Shanghia),Victnam,Thailand.Russia.

Additional Information

I am as a 1st class technician and master hand specialized in manufacturie Crayon Labeling Machine and OIL PASTEL Manufacture Machine since 1978. The Korea has been enjoying high reputation as a winner of international vacational training competition for 13 times including 10 consecutive years winning 1st place. Also we Daeyong as a leading technical expert in Korea are proud of the function of products we are manufacturing. We are sure that you would be satisfied using our crayon Labeling machine we manufacture with our heart. We wish your prosperous business and remain.

crayon label machine

crayon label machine

DY-01 Crayon & Oil Pastel Labeling Machine